SWISSCHAM - Verband Schweizerischer Aussenwirtschaftskammern

Relations commerciales internationales, Association, Zürich

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The Association of Swiss Foreign Trade Chambers - SwissCham - and its members make a private sector contribution to the promotion of Swiss foreign economic relations in general and of Swiss exports of products and services in particular. The Association of Swiss Foreign Trade Chambers - SwissCham represents the common interests of its members - private, not-for-profit business organizations - whose goal is to further economic relations between Switzerland and the respective partner countries; furthers the exchange of experience among its members in order to reach high quality professional standards and improve their efficiency; addresses issues concerning Swiss foreign economic policy; serves to increase the perception of private sector foreign trade organizations within the Administration, the Parliament and the Swiss public sector at large; and its members promote Switzerland as a location to do business and further the presence of the Swiss private business sector abroad.

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